The Bondholder Scheme is a powerful network of 280+ businesses, who work together to raise the profile of the Humber.

With the ultimate goal of promoting the region to create jobs and wealth, we want to demonstrate what the Humber can offer not only the UK, but the rest of the world in order to:

  • Support new investment.
  • Attract people to make the investments a success.
  • Create a thriving environment for business to prosper.

    The Bondholder Scheme includes large corporates such as RB, BP, DFDS Seaways PLC, Smith & Nephew, alongside entrepreneurial businesses that make up our business fabric such as Force 7, HBP Systems and ISIS Commercial Environments.

    Our aim is simple, to bolster the region's positioning on the national and international stage... find out more about the Bondholder Scheme

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    Eimskip UK Ltd