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Good results for local trust

The results of the latest NHS Staff Survey have just been published showing job satisfaction is all in a day's work for local health staff. The annual survey was sent to every member of staff at NHS Hull and asked employees for their views on a range of issues including hygiene, safety at work and their own health and well-being.

It was completed and returned by 63% of staff, well above the national average response rate of 55%. NHS Hull was rated amongst the highest 20% of primary care trusts (PCTs) in nine areas and reported better than average results in a further eight areas.

Areas in which NHS Hull ranked among the highest 20% of PCTs in England include:

  • Staff confirming that handwashing materials are always available at their place of work
  • Staff feeling that the PCT takes effective action when dealing with cases of violence and harassment
  • Staff satisfied that they had received an appraisal or other such review in the last 12 months.

Tina Smallwood, Director of Human Resources and Workforce Development, says:

'We use the staff survey to find out what our staff want from their job, how much they feel we are meeting their needs and where we can improve their working lives.

'Our results relating to helping staff balance their work and home lives and staff recommending the trust as a place to work or receive treatment are better than the national average.

'In comparison with the previous year's results, we have also improved in areas such as infection control, incident reporting and work pressure.

'Whilst this is all positive, the important thing for us now is to actually use the findings of this year's survey to make further improvements to our staff members' working lives.

'This in turn has an effect on the quality of care we provide to our patients: if staff enjoy their work and feel valued, they are less likely to need to take time off and they feel better able to provide the highest possible standards of care.'

A full report and summary version of NHS Hull's results, which include comparisons with the results of other PCTs, can be found online at|

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