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Yorkshire leads the way with low-carbon fuel

One of the largest wood pellet mills in England which will produce thousands of tonnes of low-carbon fuel opened today in Pollington, near Selby.

The multi-million-pound wood pellet mill has been funded by CO2Sense Yorkshire, a business support programme owned and funded by Yorkshire Forward. CO2Sense Yorkshire worked with energy specialists Dalkia to build the factory, which will provide seven jobs for the area, with more jobs planned for the future.

Rosie Winterton MP, Minister for Yorkshire and Humber, cut the ribbon and pressed the button to start the production of wood pellets. This new site will produce up to 50 thousand tonnes of wood pellets every year, which will help to make Yorkshire and Humber's air cleaner.

Ms Winterton said: 'I am delighted to be opening this new biomass pellet mill and am very pleased that Dalkia, supported by 4.5m government funding through Yorkshire Forward and CO2 Sense, is investing in our region and creating new jobs in the renewable energy industry.

'Last week we had the fantastic news that Yorkshire and The Humber is to be the UK's first Low Carbon Economic Area for Carbon Capture and Storage. This mill in Pollington is yet another example of how our region is positioning itself to be at the forefront of the global shift towards more sustainable forms of energy production.'

Wood pellets are considered to be carbon neutral because the trees absorb carbon as they grow, and release it when they are burned. And as well as saving CO2, the wood pellet mill helps to stop waste being sent to landfill.

Joanne Pollard, Chief Executive of CO2Sense Yorkshire explains; 'We're working with local authorities to help them to separate wood from their waste. This wood can be recycled, which stops it from being sent to landfill sites, and the clean wood can be turned into wood pellets.

'Once the waste wood has been turned into wood pellets, we can send them back to local authorities and other organisations for them to use in their heating boilers instead of fossil fuels' says Joanne. 'This will save up to 64 thousand tonnes of CO2 every year'.

Tom Riordan, Chief Executive of Yorkshire Forward commented; 'The pellet mill is just one of the major projects in the region which will help Yorkshire and Humber become the low-carbon centre of the UK. As a region we have long had a tradition of industry and innovation so it's the obvious place to develop new green industries, and this biomass fuel facility is a great example of the technologies which Yorkshire Forward is supporting.'

More information

  • The wood pellet mill has been built by Dalkia, with CO2Sense Yorkshire providing 6m funding. It will produce 50,000 tonnes of wood pellets each year, from waste wood.
  • The CO2 saving is around 64,000 tonnes per year. The wood pellets are carbon neutral. The amount of CO2 that they save depends on the fuel that would have been burned instead of the wood pellets, but if we assume that the wood pellets are burned instead of oil, then they will save 64,000 tonnes of CO2 per year.
  • Potential reduction in landfill: to get the clean wood that we can turn into wood pellets, we will help local authorities to segregate their waste wood, instead of sending it to landfill. Typically, 10% of waste wood can be used for wood pellets. The rest can be recycled into particle board or compost. So to produce 50,000 tonnes of wood pellets, we will save 500,000 tonnes of wood from being sent to landfill.
  • The pellet mill is in Pollington, near Selby, on the site of a disused airfield.
  • CO2Sense Yorkshire is a not-for-profit business development programme, which helps businesses in Yorkshire and Humber to succeed in the low-carbon economy
  • It is a fully-owned subsidiary of the Regional Development Agency, Yorkshire Forward
  • It is funded by Yorkshire Forward and European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)

For further information contact:
Rick Hamilton
Director of Marketing and Brand
CO2Sense Yorkshire
Tel: 0113 237 8429
Mob: 07545 421235

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