City 10

Albion Square & Heart of the City

Albion Square & Heart of the City will be a vibrant mixed use development - encompassing city living, spaces to enjoy and a mix of after work activities.
The heart of Hull's city centre should be a dynamic, cosmopolitan mix of office, residential, cultural, educational and civic space - providing a buzzing area both day and night.

The current wasted space of Albion Square will become a magnificent area of public realm, around which the area's stunning Georgian architecture will show its full beauty, with the birth of new cafe-bars, offices, restaurants, apartments and shops.

Land assembly is well advanced and a development framework is being prepared. Already, Queen Victoria Square is bordered by some of the city's most beautiful buildings including the Ferens Art Gallery, City Hall and Maritime Museum and also provides a great location to relax and watch the ''Big Screen''. Queen's Gardens is an oasis of calm that will be revamped - the large open green space is the place to hang out with friends and colleagues on a sunny afternoon as well as being a summer events venue right in the heart of Hull.

Hidden gems with real character, such as The Maltings, will also be revealed.

Key outputs for Albion Square and heart of the city: (Indicative)
  • 5,500 sqm of offices
  • 14,000 sqm of residential (200 new homes)
  • Ancillary leisure and limited retail at ground floor level (5,000 sqm)
  • New public square
  • Car parking
Our objectives for Albion Square and the heart of the city:
  • To unlock the economic potential of the large underutilised area of land and adjacent derelict buildings to accommodate new employment space with complementary retail and leisure facilities, new homes and new public space
  • Reveal hidden gems with real character, such as The Maltings
  • Revive Queens Gardens and Queen Victoria Square
  • new development and re-use of Georgian buildings in a conservation area